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Bluebird Puzzle

Bluebird Puzzle
Bluebird Puzzle
Bluebird Puzzle
Bluebird Puzzle
Bluebird Puzzle
Bluebird Puzzle
Bluebird Puzzle
Bluebird Puzzle

ColibriThe Taíno, an indigenous people of the Greater Antilles before the arrival of Europeans in the 15 th century, considered the hummingbird – or colibri – a symbol both of the disseminator of life on Earth and the renaissance of the indian nation in the Caribbean and Florida*. One of this beautiful bird's many particularities is its small size, combined with its extremely fast wing beat. In this, it mirrors our company, which, while small in comparison to some other European and international names on the puzzle market, is nonetheless extremely agile and quick to innovate, develop and produce high quality puzzles and accessories.

As the creators of Bluebird are great admirers of the Antilles and the colibri, it only seemed natural to choose the hummingbird as the brand's logo.

* Source: Wikipedia

Just as fast as the hummingbird's wing beat, the Bluebird brand was thought up in early spring of 2018 and introduced to the world the following January. At first, more than 200 puzzles were published, including many showing images created by beloved artists like Dominic Davison, Aimee Stewart, Ciro Marchetti, Steve Crisp or David Galchutt, Jenny Newland and Nicky Boehme.

The three driving aims behind the creation of the brand were:

- Production quality: piece thickness, printing technology, cut.

- Image quality: we work with some of the puzzle world's greatest licensing agencies.

- Affordable Prices: to enable as many people as possible to enjoy puzzles.

A few months later, Bluebird has already taken its place among the great European and international brands – and found puzzlers on all 5 continents.

Starting at 500 piece puzzles, the range also includes large puzzles with 4,000 and 6,000 pieces – and naturally also the classic sizes with 1,000 - 1,500 - 2,000 and 3,000 pieces.
Bluebird's children's range includes puzzles with 48, 100, 150 and 260 pieces.

In 2021, Art by Bluebird art puzzles became available. This new series offers "puzzling" insights into the works of old (and modern) masters: van Gogh, Klimt, Leonardo da Vinci, Monet, Brueghel, Kandinsky, etc.

Another important point for Bluebird, which is manufactured in Europe and Turkey, is environmental consciousness. This is why the puzzle boxes were designed to use a minimal amount of cardboard – which also helps to minimize the ecological footprint of transporting the puzzles between our production sites and the distribution centres in France.

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